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Medium rare

22 Aug 2019


Produced a little content this week, posted on Medium — to do with letters and hist’ry and comics, oh my. I’m not sure if I’ll do more of this kind of thing, but it’s a useful exercise for me at the moment. Will say something further about that, possibly, in  …

Hellboy Day

22 Mar 2019updated : 27 Mar 2019

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22 Oct 2018


A recent post from Darrell is generous opening to a line of thought I’ve pursued in past, here, and wanted to return to — and I’m going to take it. Or I’m going to cross the threshold a little way, at least. But Darrell’s post presents me an opening and  …


10 May 2018

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I’ve added a section to what I guess we can call the front of the site, the business side (if this remains the personal). I’ve called it Notes. It’ll sort of be another blog — to the extent I use it to opinionate anyway. But my aim there is something  …


28 Apr 2018

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Been listening to Bill Frisell live dates on YouTube a fair amount in the past couple of months (since I came across this, at least), roughly equivalent to the period of my move from New York, up to present. Frisell wasn’t unknown to me, but I’d never listened to him  …


8 Jan 2018

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The old blog lives at a new location, in a new setting, as a glance will tell anyone who’s looked in in years recent up to this post date. The present site, ‘,’ is for work, principally, but it’s seemed to me a good idea to move the personal blog  …


25 Sep 2017

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I’m in Virginia for a few days, since Friday evening, spending time with family. I grew up in Maryland, a short way north, but I am a Virginian by birth, and as my parents’ families come from (and have tended to remain in) the state, generations back, southward travel ‘home’  …

Worldly ways

28 Aug 2017


Say, let’s have another ramble drawn from recent Facebook conversation, shall we? — this occasion an exchange with my sister. My sister is a good deal younger than I; I’m the oldest of four, she the youngest, born the year before I graduated high school. The other day she re-posted  …

With heart & soul

19 Aug 2017

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An hour or so, naturally, after I posted here a few days ago, my comments on the Facebook post of the friend in Texas received their reply. Since I’m really keeping a record of my own FB-comment acts and proceedings, not rehashing a conversation, I won’t quote in full. For  …

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