Hellboy Day

A quarter-century of Hellboy. It’s a big deal on Twitter — where I mostly keep abreast, such as I do — and elsewhere. Duncan Fegredo, the cheerful Brit who’s done as much to set the canonical look and manner of the character as Mignola himself has, probably, is having a very good time in tweets this week.

Above, a slice of sketchbook page from about a year ago (post-NY, at any rate) that I feel fairly good about — HB of course (looking in want of a good meal and a smoke), and something towards a Wonder Woman. Neither one an entirely satisfactory drawing by any means, but both of them with touches that strike me as right, and that I expect I’d try to develop further if I were an artist returning to the characters regularly.

Not drawing often, yet wishing to and looking to comics (and to working cartoonists of all kinds, an increasingly wonderful variety) to sustain the idea that I might yet: it’s an old refrain on this blog. There is a kind of progress on this front over the years, and it continues to warrant talking about. Lately I’m moving most of that conversation behind a virtual screen, restricted to a few friends with login access here. But this, for ‘Hellboy Day,’ a little exception.

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UPDATE : Appending a selection from the flood of celebratory & tribute items on Twitter.

And one from the local comics shop where I’m situated these days (and where I too stopped in and got a free print):


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