August quickies

Trying something new. I’ve been doing more frequent quick sketching again. Not at the point of making more of doodles & drawings in the ‘front’ part of this site yet, though am thinking about that pretty regularly. Right now, I just want to post some of this stuff — forethought-free sketchbook stuff done in a few minutes to get it out of my system — a little more conveniently. (Have added some non-fancy automating functionality into the blog-post page, here, to that end, using a ‘custom post type’ I’ve set aside for drawings, till now only serving the little three-image carousel on the home page.)

It’s September, and some of these are pre-August, but we’ll call this one August sketches anyway.

I’ve always had this taste for little drawings, even very little drawings, done without a lot of thought. By no means a universal thing, but it is common enough among people who ‘like to draw.’ Certainly it’s common to a lot of people who become cartoonists. Anyway, you likely know this about me if you’re reading here. Hardly a revelation. But I wonder if it doesn’t deserve more attention in my own reflections somehow, the significance of these small-sketch qualities — lightness, quickness, containment, and so on.

miscellaneous face & figure — ‘from imagination’ (but from the pencil, really)

exercises from photo reference &c.


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