January 8, 2018

The old blog lives at a new location, in a new setting, as a glance will tell anyone who’s looked in in years recent up to this post date. The present site, ‘,’ is for work, principally, but it’s seemed to me a good idea to move the personal blog here rather than maintain it separately. ‘Personal’ and ‘work’ have never been especially distinct territories for me anyway, you know — that was sort of an implication of the blog’s name from the beginning (even if I’ve never felt I came near to taking on the subject here in the way I hoped somehow to do, once). So to bring the blog under this ‘work site’ umbrella means no great change, in a way. But there is something like an acceleration happening for me, now, in which it’ll make sense, if things go reasonably well, to handle the blog a bit differently than I have till now. And if things do go reasonably well, the sense in it will be fairly apparent.

Doesn’t look like it, but I’m putting this together from WordPress’s Twenty Seventeen right now — mostly, as you may guess, by trimming stuff away. For the time being, my aim is to keep things very simple. I don’t need a more recent stock WP theme for this purpose, certainly, but figure it’s the safe & sensible approach, since I’m still a novice web-site builder in so many ways.

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