Medium rare

Produced a little content this week, posted on Medium — to do with letters and hist’ry and comics, oh my. I’m not sure if I’ll do more of this kind of thing, but it’s a useful exercise for me at the moment. Will say something further about that, possibly, in a follow-up to this.


2 thoughts on “Medium rare”

  1. Early adopters and digital nomads — I sometimes wonder if my readership would increase or disappear entirely if I jumped to another platform. Let me know how Medium works out for you.

  2. In this case, it’s really because it’s probably a one-off that I put it over there. But there’s a larger discussion here about playing on multiple platforms (stages?) — how when & why, &c. I don’t have it in hand; don’t suppose anybody really does. (Certainly you can make decent money pretending to.) Am thinking about it often enough, the platform economics & politics naturally high in the stack of concerns.

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