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6 Mar 21
3 new brief items, 2 to do with freelance matters
27 Feb 21
brief item about a new media cooperativism group
21 Jan 21
‘quare id faciam’
a personal post noting modest site enhancement
2 Jan 21
‘quare id faciam’
a personal post with sketchbook doodles
15 Dec 20
‘quare id faciam’
a small update added to the previous personal post
9 Dec 20
‘quare id faciam’
a personal post about labor and media
26 Nov 20
‘quare id faciam’
personal post with some Jacques Tardi pictures
11 Oct 20
‘quare id faciam’
a personal post about fascists past and present
1 Oct 20
‘quare id faciam’
personal post, largely a transcribed interview excerpt
2 Aug 20
‘quare id faciam’
a personal post with poetry-reading (nothing too difficult)
25 Jun 20
‘quare id faciam’
a new personal post, longish — my apologies
5 Apr 20
at long last, a new ‘Design Suspicion’ item in Notes
10 Feb 20

added to the site: a dedicated ‘sketchbook’ page

14 Jan 20
‘quare id faciam’
a little update to the most recent — again
2 Jan 20
‘quare id faciam’
personal to ring in the new year, sort of