October quickies

Chances are good this will be the last of these posts. I’ll go on more or less habitually doodling little heads and so forth, ‘quickie’ drawings, without doubt, but I don’t expect to continue with incorporating that into the blog in just the way these posts have served to do over the last few years. That reflects to some degree a larger shift in how I’m thinking about my pursuits personal and ‘professional’ — a shift that’s perhaps a topic for posts to come, though, not this one.

I’m un-restricting all (or most of) the ‘quickies’ posts as I publish this one, by the way, so they’ll now be viewable by anybody. Not that I imagine them to be of interest to everybody! Just opting to make what they’ve been for in my life a less private aspect of the site than to present they have been.

These below weren’t all added to the sketchbook this month, of course, but they’re all from the last couple of months. Presented, as it’s gotten to be my custom to doing with them, roughly in the order they appear in the sketchbook — with the exception of the first group, ‘creatures,’ all which are from the past week.

update (oct. 23)
So . . . funny thing. Some hours after getting this post up yesterday, I opened the sketchbook to the last page in use, and I idly flipped back a couple of pages. And there I saw a number of little head drawings, done since the last ‘quickies’ post in July, about which I’d simply forgotten. This is amusing partly because some of them are really among the more interesting of all these heads-from-imagination in the sketchbook. Anyway, I’ve now added a good handful of these I’d missed, 15 of them, to the 2nd group below. They’re added at the beginning of the group, since done earliest (later-July / early-August, I guess).

not-so-human little heads

human-type little heads


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