6 Nov 2022(4 Comments)

in my case, mastodon’s just been waiting in the wings

It’s not news (certainly to anybody who’s on Twitter, anyway) now, but for any less social-media-active or headline-attuned reader finding this, I’ll note that Elon Musk’s having expensively secured rights to wave big-daddy phallus over all twitterdom and have an ultimate liberal-order-culture-wars moment all to himself has pushed a lot of more-left-identifying users of the platform to seek alternative social media venues. I’m not leaving Twitter; intention at present is to keep both long-standing nobody-important accounts active and public. I’m certainly inclined, though, to regard this mass-flight development as on the whole a good one. Further with these thoughts in a longer post at some point, maybe.

I joined Mastodon via the social.coop instance several years ago when it was still a pretty new project and I was very new to cooperatives. I found it all a bit off-putting, I confess. (There being only a ‘dark mode,’ something since addressed, meant my eyes could only take the site for short periods, for one thing.) I stopped using the account, but over the last couple of years I’ve thought often of trying to find time to get reacquainted. Well, now’s the occasion to actually do it. I’m @pdbowman@social.coop if you’re looking.

4 thoughts on “6 nov 2022: back on Mastodon”

  1. Its appeal is above all to cooperative movement insiders, I think — which frankly I don’t know that I’ll ever really feel myself to be. Democratically governed via Loomio, tied in with Open Collective for participation & support. Entails its own investment and learning curve. But I am looking forward to trying to get back on board with it.

  2. To think that only weeks ago if you spoke of mastodon coming back, lot of people would’ve guessed you were talking about this. (At any rate, all the sad cases like me who never got into metal.)

    : )

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