I’ve made a little push to add some blog functionality in the last couple of days here — something I’d been side-track scheming for a few months without getting to. In a strict sense, you could say, it’s a separate blog, but the practical end is that I have a way to include on the site some cursory-matter ‘social’-type posting, which I just don’t like feeling bound to social platform for doing. Hence, ‘Briefs,’ conveniently positioned at top of the personal-stuff blog page [⁠ ⁠update: and at top of sidebar on personal posts, e.g. this one⁠ ⁠] for now, and likely to be moved elsewhere when eventually I can do some front-of-site reworking I have in mind. It has its own archive page too, because hey, WordPress.

update (sep. 28)
The front-of-site reworking I had in mind is afoot — has been, this year, for some months. More recently I’ve started to simplify and prep for further eventual change here on the old blog, and in doing so I’ve separated the blog and the briefs. So the brief items don’t appear with the blog anymore — at least for present, and maybe permanently.


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