note 3

front page amended; starting to foreground my involvement with cooperatives

The page for one of my current projects has an update to mention. This one’s in the category of projects relatively easy to say a thing or two about. (Which doesn’t mean getting to the update’s ever easy. In this instance, I’m several weeks behind.)

For better or worse, not all that I’m into right now can be talked about as simply as that project can. But I am now newly including on the front page a little bit of ‘about’ copy, the substance of which (at the moment) announces my involvement in two cooperative endeavors, ChiCommons and Artisans Co-op. That’s glancing mention that will have to do until things are somewhat further along and until I can better gather thoughts. I hope to have a good deal to say about both in time.

There’s some likelihood that the projects item I call attention to in the previous studio note, back in April — a project I haven’t had a lot of time for — will intersect with Artisans Cooperative participation. That being so, this site may begin to turn in a way I haven’t much wanted for it but am willing to try, a degree of orientation to selling stuff and angling to cultivate audience.