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updated 3 Sep 23

NWU Chicago website

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A lightweight WordPress-based site to serve as contact point and newsletter publishing tool for the NWU’s Chicago chapter.

The initial state of the site, April 2023, was designed without a brief, anticipating revision to come with developing chapter organizational oversight.

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Motion graphics implemented with CSS.
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Later state of the front page, a few months following the site’s initial publication, with newer layers of site content beyond the front page also reflected.

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The site’s initial, one-page, minimal version, thematically linked to an advocacy concern current for the organization.

Brand identity divergence between NWU, the parent org, and FSP, a recently incorporated group with its own culture and audience, means there isn’t currently a definite ‘language’ to follow, a look to imitate, in design for the materials of a local branch. My approach to the problem has been to keep styling neutral, light, and amenable to evolution on a variety of potential trajectories, while at the same time avoiding (in keeping with organizational personalities of the NWU and FSP) a ‘corporate’ manner.

In addition to design, for this first version of the site I’ve supplied copy for the page’s text sections.

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