August quickies

Well, this is the second post so titled. That’s something. The first of these ‘Quickies’ posts was a year ago.

It’s worth noting that the little drawings aren’t really improving in quality, on the whole, many specific points for satisfaction in doing them notwithstanding. But I don’t note it here to express disappointment. Improvement isn’t what they’re about. Precisely what this is about I’m disinclined to try nailing down, but anyway it isn’t about that.

Imprecisely, though, maybe: what it’s been, and I hope will continue to be, is a certain amount of habit-cultivation for its own sake — something one does naturally (for many people, strongly manifesting when young), something I imagine it’d be a mistake even to identify as particularly human instinct, but something also noteworthily repressible (certainly in humans at least) under all sorts of circumstance internally or externally emerging. I’m not sure I’m worried that I’m myself especially susceptible to dulling the habit-cultivating faculty. That of all the ways I might more or less deliberately exercise it, on the other hand, at this point in my life, my modus of choice is something that in my experience appears as impulse and ‘talent’ quite early, in young childhood, and evidently comes easily — this is sort of an interesting thing to think about.

There’s been some further opportunity, work-related, to deploy the drawing-&-related skillset lately. That’ll have to be subject of other posting, though.

more of the little desultory heads, the fundamental thing

and a very little of other stuff of the usual sort — the 2nd item, here, a scapula (from various reference)


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