Stepping up

I’ve made a contribution to Stack Overflow for the first time. That feels like a sort of milestone. I’m not a big user of the site — mostly find my way to it by way of googling concerning something or other I’m trying to accomplish in a WordPress setting, so that I think of myself not so much as ‘member of the community’ as I do as scavenger lurking at the periphery. It’s just one of any number of places where I might find a little info applicable to whatever the problem at hand happens to be. Here, unusually, I cobbled together the solution I wanted mostly out of several answers proposed to the one question item (a 6-year-old post). Once I had it, it seemed worth appending there as a new answer — though it’s more synthesis from what was already there than distinct proposal.

Quite a minor milestone, then, if milestone it is. It is some record in public (however publicly insignificant), at any rate, of recent-ish progress in my competence with technologies that have become universal and very basic just in my lifetime as an adult.


2 thoughts on “Stepping up”

  1. Hey, that’s pretty tidy! The age of the post reminds me of some of the issues I’ve had with Linux-based office applications. Most were smoothed out in subsequent editions, but there are some issues, usually in document formatting, that require the user to think EXACTLY like a programmer. Intuition does not serve the user.

  2. Have fairly mixed feelings about developing in this area. I’m hardly the ‘non-technical’ sort, but what romantic notions of the coding life I’ve entertained didn’t survive adolescence. Post-college forays into graphics work ended in part because I understood that without art-school-level discipline (and pedigree), I’d very likely have to come to know the internet-server and the browser in more intimate ways than I cared to, and combine skill sets more or less as I’ve returned to doing today. At the time, I preferred getting back into construction and dreams (romantic notions not confined to adolescence) of eventually working with architects somehow. That’s a choice still close to my heart in a lot of ways, as I expect you recognize. But things change.

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