WisdomMe Buddhism diagrams


Theravada Buddhism Diagrams

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Contributions to a series of illustrative graphic diagrams published by a Buddhist nonprofit (since closed). Predefined in format, intended for print at poster size by end-user members of the community connected with the project.

This was a particular challenge in that I had little prior exposure to Buddhist concepts and in that budget was not really adequate. But relations with the client were positive, and I found the challenge stimulating.

Chachakka Sutta Diagram

The third of my three contributions to the series.

Because the second design I contributed (below) was well-received by the organization’s community, I was asked to re-use the color scheme from that in this subsequent design. I did so adaptively, moderating contrast and seeking a visual integrity appropriate to its somewhat less abstract subject.

The horizontally-oriented 2:1-rectangle frame, orange repeating-element border, and WisdomMe logo are all provided elements used throughout the series, required by the client.

Samma Ditthi Sutta

The second of my three contributions.

Perhaps the most difficult of the three to resolve graphically. The provided diagrammatic concept was a concentric-circle scheme. I translated that circular spatial idea as an understated three-dimensional spiral, which made achieving reasonably coherent arrangement of typographical elements within the oblong frame approachable.

31 Planes of Existence

The first and the most typographically dense by far of the three designs I contributed to the series. There’s further discussion on an older project page focusing on this design.