Cartoonist Cooperative Valentine’s 2024

updated 22 Feb 24

Socialist cartoon valentine

Not-just-tongue-in-cheek personal piece responding to a Cartoonist Cooperative call for members’ Valentine’s Day contributions.
full illustration

As initially conceived and as completed, the piece combines two layers, a black-and-white foreground cartoon and a color background graphic. An entirely successful outcome probably isn’t to be hoped for from the resulting overburdened scheme. But it was a fun thing to try.

background layer

The background graphic is variation on the fist-and-rose as blended with the palm-forward liberation fist salute long associated with labor struggle or such left causes as 1930s republicanism in Spain and Black Power in the United States.

foreground layer

The cartoon is a study of Cartoonist Cooperative mascots ‘Inkling,’ at right, and ‘Nibford,’ at left.