November quickies

Kind of an interesting turn with the little heads since the last of these posts, only a few weeks ago. The more realism-inflected doodles below are still just doodles, very much undirected and done ‘from my head’ rather than with reference to photo source or what have you. It’s the same little exercise, the same bit of play, that the more cartoonish doodles predominant in these posts result from — feels exactly the same to do. What difference there is lies in letting the fiddling go further in a certain way than it’s been my habit to do with these things, on the whole, till now. A couple of them below have the look of what you might conventionally call ‘studies,’ but they’re nothing like that. There’s no shift toward a more focused, time-intensive, or invested-in-subject sort of drawing here.

Whatever one wants to call them, anyhow, I continue not to have a lot of room for it in my life for it.

I’m not the less, for this little turn, oriented these days in a basic way to cartoon language. Also below, accordingly, a few quick stabs at Daniel Warren Johnson’s Murder Falcon. (Not the first here.)

I have a certain interest in the superhero idea in American comics. It doesn’t rise to what we generally think of as fandom, but there’s a participation, and I think about this a good deal. Superhero drawings could become a more out-front aspect of what I do with this site. I’m mulling over how this would work, the ends it would serve. In any event, I like Daniel Warren Johnson and his beloved Murder Falcon pretty well, and that falls into this category.

update (nov. 22)
Added a few more little heads from over the weekend. It is still November.

little heads — just a few this time

MF ! variations


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