February quickies

Apart from the obtrusive Honda Accord sketched from photo source down at the end, here, this continues to be an exercise about drawing easy imaginary subjects with next to no forethought or direction — almost an exercise in laziness. Almost but not quite, you know. There’s always a place in there for pushing against some resistance that reveals itself in whatever’s starting to present itself as subject, for following some scrap of idea for a moment. And rising to that — however briefly, however imperfectly — is really where the satisfaction and the good in giving oneself over to a little doodle lie, it seems to me.

little heads again, this time with more women

oh hey, a different superhero
(confession: Sienkiewicz turned me off as a teenager, and don’t believe I’ve ever actually read a New Mutants book)

could stand to be doing more of this sort of thing

and of this sort, too, though people are always more appealing than machines


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