Dear visitor, if you take the trouble to read : I apologize for all the bad, syrup-thick blog prose here. Man is it bad, so much of it. I wish hereby to take responsibility and express regret for many wrongs committed by keyboard.  — pdb

H ere is a nice little Latin phrase, and rare too, (one can’t be too recherché or brief in one’s Latin, it’s getting so common) …

That’s Poe in full smirk, ‘How to Write a Blackwood Article’ — parody it might have done me good to come across sooner than I did, some years back now.

Quare id faciam I pulled from one of Catullus’ better-known little verses, encountered in low-level Latin courses in college. Embarrassing, yes, that I borrowed it in the first place (albeit without much pretension; just liked the excised snippet for itself) twenty-odd years ago. More embarrassing that I’m kind of using it as a handle still !

Well, I’m kind of attached to it still — what can I say? Not every dumb thing you do when young has to be repudiated utterly.

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29 Sep 2022
9 Nov 2021
Mike Mignola was guest on the Cartoonist Kayfabe show last week.
5 Nov 2021
I’m listening to Jason Blakely’s ‘American Ideologies’ course lectures.
13 Oct 2021
Tenth U.S. president John Tyler’s last living grandchild is … still living.
11 Oct 2021
Noting a couple of ongoing Jewish-history-basics series I’ve been listening to lately.
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25 Jun 2020updated : 28 Jun 2020


Back at start of the month, when the Tom Cotton op-ed appeared in the New York Times, my first response — not to what he wrote, since I didn’t read it, but to the situation — was to tweet this:   It’s a reaction out of step with the general  …

Thing with feathers

2 Jan 2020updated : 14 Jan 2020


I live now just blocks from the shore of Lake Michigan, the eastern edge of Chicago’s expansive south side — near the site of the 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition, which gave lasting imprint to urban space in this part of town, and the University of Chicago, founded about the same  …

Six of one,

12 Nov 2019updated : 27 Dec 2019

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The joke is on

10 Nov 2019

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My girlfriend took me to see Joker last night. It’s a film I’d thought it’d be interesting to see, certainly, but had no expectation of actually catching. When we’d decided that we’d go out, it was the Harriet Tubman movie (something I’d still like to get to before it’s moved  …

Stepping up

5 Oct 2019


I’ve made a contribution to Stack Overflow for the first time. That feels like a sort of milestone. I’m not a big user of the site — mostly find my way to it by way of googling concerning something or other I’m trying to accomplish in a WordPress setting, so  …

Medium, well —

18 Sep 2019


When I posted, I wasn’t thinking of the bit of writing I point to in August as a self-prompt to get to looking into what’s gone on with Medium, but it’s been that, to a degree, this week. A little catch-up on the fortunes of that high-profile tech venture is  …

Medium rare

22 Aug 2019


Produced a little content this week, posted on Medium — to do with letters and hist’ry and comics, oh my. I’m not sure if I’ll do more of this kind of thing, but it’s a useful exercise for me at the moment. Will say something further about that, possibly, in  …

Hellboy Day

22 Mar 2019updated : 27 Mar 2019

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His day — but she’s got seniority.


22 Oct 2018


A recent post from Darrell is generous opening to a line of thought I’ve pursued in past, here, and wanted to return to — and I’m going to take it. Or I’m going to cross the threshold a little way, at least. But Darrell’s post presents me an opening and  …


10 May 2018

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I’ve added a section to what I guess we can call the front of the site, the business side (if this remains the personal). I’ve called it Notes. It’ll sort of be another blog — to the extent I use it to opinionate anyway. But my aim there is something  …

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