SH logo


Solidarity Hall logo

graphic design

A logo undertaken with no budget and cursory brief, intended for a short life, created to signal the nonprofit group it represents was in a phase of transition.

Never a satisfactory identity solution, the update logo continued in use contrary to plan, the expected more thorough redesign indefinitely on hold. It has seen use in a variety of digital and print contexts.

animated title cardClick image to play sequence

Graphically simple, this logo lent itself to animation.

Door-opening frames vector-drawn individually after automated tweening attempts proved to produce unsuitable results.

Click image to view the 10-sec. title card sequence. (May take a moment to load.)

limited concept

The update logo (bottom) was an unsubtle play on its predecessor (top) — straightforward, but also limited and severe, in approach.

The original logo (designed by others), interestingly, held in tension two uncertainly related ideas: a door’s being opened, on one hand, and the door in its detailing being a sort of concrete period symbol or allusion, on the other. With my update, in contrast, all is stripped away but a blunt, reductive idea of opening / invitation, abstracted and graphically spare.