A brief item about a bout of Steely Dan listening and the prod to it, a cover collab posted earlier this year on Josh Turner’s YouTube channel.
A brief item remarking on material in a Bible prophecy series James Tabor is running on YouTube — and an unexpected discovery in American cartooning and illustration.
An update to last month’s Know Your Enemy + Jewish Currents brief item, appending KYE’s latest, a new conversation with John Ganz.
A brief item to encourage checking out a July interview with Moira Weigel on the Ordinary Unhappiness podcast.
A brief item on the Know Your Enemy podcast’s new episode featuring Jewish Currents staff on a topic they spend a lot of time on, the problem of the ADL, the Anti-Defamation League.
A brief item to recommend a talk on comparative religion in medieval Arab-Mediterranean-world Jewish thought, before there was our category ‘religion.’