Legal cycle

Baltimore Sun reports today that the Chesapeake Bay Foundation‘s going to sue the EPA for not doing enough. Not that the EPA’s the only party to past bay & watershed cleanup deals accountable for lack of follow-through. But the CBF evidently has seen a need now to take on government in the courts, and it’s the feds, they’ve concluded, against whom “the strongest legal case could be made for failure to uphold pollution laws.”

CBF, Annapolis


Starting to fool around with the candidate’s faces just a little.

I’ve wanted to do this for months; I’ve been saving clips here & there from magazines & so forth. There’s been no shortage of inspiration, only of time & attention.

The fun in caricature, for me, isn’t first in send-up but in study. It’s in discovery of a face, a personality, by drawing. (In the case of Obama, a face with all sorts of obvious visual appeal.) Much as I envy great cartoonists their work, I’d really rather essay little things on paper like this for my own interests, though I have no hope of mastering the subject, than be on call as cartoonists are to appropriate public figures’ features for their audiences’ consumption.