4 Sep 2021(2 Comments)

Very quickly scratched out sketchbook head of Jack Kirby’s Big Barda from a couple of days ago (prompted by remarkable Russian Artyom Trakhanov’s tweet). Quite like it in spite of sloppiness. I can’t pretend to any great devotion to this or any other comic book character, but Barda is for me on the whole a favored woman superhero of the era. Managed here subtly — by decidedly not thinking hard, I guess — to catch something of what in the character appeals to me. Would be happy to find time to play with this further.

2 thoughts on “4 sep 21: quick Barda head”

  1. I’m realizing how my humanity seems to be compressed the less energy I have to read & do creative pursuits. I’m glad you are keeping your being wider with even an occasional drawing.

  2. ‘Keeping one’s being wide’ is a happy way to put it. Yeah, thanks.

    Where this kind of light drawing falls in relation to reading is terribly interesting to think about. I’ve been attracted to this question for a long time. Occasionally have tried to say something about it, as e.g. here, but the subject calls for considerably more concentrated attention than I can give.

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