A brief item to encourage checking out a July interview with Moira Weigel on the Ordinary Unhappiness podcast.
A brief item on the Know Your Enemy podcast’s new episode featuring Jewish Currents staff on a topic they spend a lot of time on, the problem of the ADL, the Anti-Defamation League.
A brief item to recommend a talk on comparative religion in medieval Arab-Mediterranean-world Jewish thought, before there was our category ‘religion.’
A brief item to observe that Pete Beard’s YouTube series about forgotten ‘golden age’ illustrators has arrived at a nice milestone this week.
A studio note to mention a small projects update and a small front-page content amendment.
A brief item to mention that I’m making some initial acquaintance with the work and scholarly scene of second-Temple-era-lit expositor David Flusser, a German-speaking Austro-Hungarian Czech in early life and later, until death in 2000, an Israeli.
A brief item to take notice of top-tier comics artist Olivier Coipel’s ‘variant’ cover for the first issue of a new telling of the Captain America story, out next month from Marvel.