A brief item to notice a conversation about secularism and generational change at Jewish Currents.
New pretty long, hopefully not too tedious personal post with reflections on religion and being a religious sort of person, prompted/provoked by among other things a recent episode of Know Your Enemy featuring Christian Wiman as guest.
An addendum updating Sunday’s blog post about Marx(ism)(s) with something further on the abolition question.
A brief item highlighting part of a conversation Yahav Erez and Forum for Regional Thinking director Assaf David had, published on her podcast Disillusioned this week.
A brief item to offer for consideration an apocrypha-&-pseudepigrapha talk of modest length by Annette Yoshiko Reed.
A personal blog post with thoughts on Masha Gessen and Melanie Yazzie’s turns in headlines this month, Israel / Palestine, and the U.S.
A brief item to catch a point of emphasis in Viral Underclass writer Steven Thrasher’s recent conversation with Abby Kluchin and Patrick Blanchfield on their show, Ordinary Unhappiness.
A blog post — or rather another, following the first three years later — about comics and cooperatives, on the longer side relatively.
A brief item to mention what grabbed me in the new Know Your Enemy episode about Garry Wills’ book on the Kennedys.