Big time solar in Maryland

Yesterday General Motors announced it will go solar at a plant it maintains here in Baltimore County. The rooftop installation by SunEdison (a Maryland company to the south, in Washington D.C. suburbs) will be one of the largest on this side of the country. This was noteworthy enough to be local radio news yesterday afternoon. The Sun’s report is here — oddly buried a bit in back pages today.

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  1. It does seem a bit like the devil ‘promising’ to change his ways, I remember BP attempting to similarly embrace the green agenda. It does all stink, to me, of a PR coverup. That we may hear constantly about the 5% they give to environmental causes (or charities in the ‘olden’ days) but we certainly don’t hear about the majority of the problems they themselves directly cause (or are indirectly responsible for).

  2. Yes, a bit too soon to start speaking of GM as one of our great institutional caretakers of the environment! (If there are such things.)

    I think this item is probably notable just as a marker of progress of ‘alternative’ power generation’s gaining market viability — and, for this region, of progress of solar more particularly. And I gather that it’s a substantial marker, for where we are at the moment. But there’s still a loooong way to go on every front, as you know.

  3. Let’s just hope that it’s more than a popular trend for the big companies. Although as we are now faced with the (invented) ‘credit crunch’ (a term I despise and hope you in the US aren’t also lumbered with) I notice that environmental concerns are amongst the first to suffer.

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