2 Replies to “Overgrowth”

  1. I thought about linking to this collection, too (saw it on Boing Boing) but wasn’t sure what commentary I’d add. I decided agin it, figuring my meditations had been a little morose of late. I’m having a re-think, however.

    There is an unusual frisson that these pix generate, though, isn’t there? It’s a little deeper than the adolescent “wow”, I’d say.

  2. Yes, you haven’t managed to assume to yourself this luxury of linking without commentarying, have you? Well good, hope you never do. — ha ha. Anyway, would be great to read you thinking over these photos some.

    I think you’re right, ‘wow’ wouldn’t come close here. Wish I had time to work out something about where these pictures take us. One thing I think I’d want to get at is that, vivid & close to life & living as these images mostly are, they’re so still, so static.

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