On a new foot

By odd coincidence, it falls on the day of a historic presidential inauguration that I put into service here a new pair of Doc Martens. Really got to love the old pair, but for work purposes — after 3 1/2 years — they’re somewhat past worn out. A Christmas gift went to replacing them — not a day too soon. Will the new ones hold up like the old?

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  1. Those are Docs, are they? I’d given up on the brand and hiked over to the uber-trendy Blundstones. I may give Docs another look after this, but I still like the yank-on-and-run convenience of the Blundstones. They’re kind of a nice hybrid between Docs and cowboy boots (which I wore through my long-haired 20s and 30s, and sometimes pine for again).

  2. I was never a Dr Martens wearer before these that I’m retiring. (Only Docs that I’d known, previously, were the heavy-soled black oxfords some of my friends wore fashionably a dozen or so years ago — at that time the still maximally-trendy thing, I suppose.) These shoes are really designed for daily labor — a step up [ahem] for me from light hikers (or even sneakers) I’d used on the job in past, during periods doing construction.

  3. (These outgoing Docs are the first steel-toes I ever used on the job, I have to admit. Don’t recall that they’ve done much for me protection-wise, but I think the reinforcement does make the shoe last longer.)

  4. Oh my! Hard to believe that the Docs lasted so long. Oh my! I don’t understand this wear ‘em till they die concept, but I’m sure the frequency with which I purchase shoes prohibits my ability to wear any one pair to the point of … disintegration. So glad you’ve retired the old pair. Burn them, and send them off to sea for a proper burial.

  5. There’s nothing in which we’re so unlike, it seems, as in our ideas about footwear. — Yet not even this, you know, prevents me from thinking you’re wonderful, my dear L.P. : )

    (I’m saving the old pair for backup use, of course. Though now I really want to burn them black and set adrift on the water somewhere, too.)

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