O Captain

Been watching comic art demos on YouTube again lately, and it’s led, as it evidently must, to another late-night superhero drawing. In this instance I wanted to draw a little something without being quite as careless about it as I’ve tended to be with these things, and started leafing through my ancient (though only purchased last year) copy of the famous How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way. Stopped at this page; I’ve had occasion to re-watch Captain America 1 & 2 recently. Told myself it would just be a head and shoulders, but drew the whole figure. Fit on the page suggests that I knew better where this was headed in the back of my mind than in the fore. At any rate, it seems like Cap came out of it alright, on the whole. If he’s embarrassed to be outfitted satisfactorily neither in the classic nor the contemporary manner, he doesn’t show it. Standing tall — it’s what we require of him, I guess.

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  1. And takes away everything Buscema gave him in dance-floor appeal, and then some. (Well, it is a mechanical pencil.)

    I always want to say Romita too when I think of this book. I haven’t actually spent more than maybe 15 min., altogether, actually looking at it since getting it (through Abebooks) last year, but still it’s kind of interesting to see how little of what those guys established at Marvel and DC in the period comes through in what habits of hand I’ve developed, since it certainly is always present in my mind’s eye as earliest idea of what a comic-book hero is supposed to look like.

    Was watching, or rather listening to, a terrible little video session with Stan Lee and Romitas Sr. and Jr. from the ‘80s while noodling on this last night, incidentally. Romita Sr. to son: ‘Make your old man proud, do anything but comics for a living!’

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