I haven’t given up on this — this blogging, if that’s the term, or this idea of letting yourself be exposed in/to many strands of conversation that blogging, among all popular forms of public & semi-public journaling & interaction over the Web, seems the best expression of. I accept, though, that I can only make so much of this. I’ve imagined more for it, and I can see the potential in it for more — for being stretched further, for discovering more of the wide world of ideas & things, for enjoying better my own little part in the world. But this project is never going to be much more than the lightly attended, modestly expressive exercise that it is now. And that is, you know, okay.

Cleaned up the About page a bit, finally, a month or two ago. The Etc. pages still need a good overhaul. I’m not sure what to do with them right now, exactly.

Elsewhere on, I have set up a basic site for my carpentry & remodeling work. (Last year, my reader(s) may recall, I took a job with a company in the up-&-coming residential energy efficiency trade; I & that company turned out not to be good fits for each other, unfortunately, and I went back on my own a few months later. It’s been rocky, unfocused since then. Starting to even out, though, and I’m still watching the home energy market fairly closely, more or less from the sidelines.) The site is purposely low-key, low-‘design’, personal. That could change, I suppose, but for present needs it feels about right to me. Content throughout is inadequate &/or incomplete, but I’m settling for relatively clear & functional.

I have hopes, as ever, of resuscitating the drawing habit — not yet dead, but pretty weak — and allowing that to come to light here.

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  1. Glad you haven’t given up. I still watch (in a non-creepy way) intermittently from across the pond (although saying that makes it sound creepy).

    Perhaps I should comment more often, but I fear I’d only end up saying nonsense like this…

  2. I have yet to see anything from you that seemed remotely creep-like to me, by the way. You always strike me as open & frank — and this comes through loud & clear even across the pond.

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