I like to think of this blog as sort of an indefinitely structured exercise about reading. It’s not a writer’s blog, certainly, nor on the other hand a non-writer’s journal of projects or happenings or what have you, certainly. Its persistence as a ‘blog’ would be a little hard to defend to myself if I thought about it much. But I don’t. I like having it and like the thought of things I might sooner or later do with, or in conjunction with, it. I like the blogosphere (even if lately I spend little enough time trawling it, even at the favored friendly spots), moreover. For this blog, if blog it be, the handful of likes is easily justification enough.

Although it isn’t decently a journal of any kind, often I’m of a mind to make mention here of things I’m working on — or rather, say, of my working life, with all its missteps and productive fragments & entanglements, broadly. It does occur to me sometimes that if I were keeping some record of ongoing thoughts about working life here, drawing the fragments together over time might seem a less elusive thing. If I were really on top of it, too, I’d make connections between the work efforts and that expansive idea of reading I cherish. Of course, trying actually to maintain such a problematic working life and taking time to blog at all are inherently at odds to some degree.

At any rate, I’m happy to report that the working life is gradually becoming less problematic. I’ve been cultivating a long time, with classes of one kind & another and a lot of awkward networking, an escape from self-employed please-don’t-call-me-a-handyman, and it looks finally like harvest. I find myself in the door with a great little company and a chance to make skills begun with two years ago (and tentatively put to use in 2009) really a practical centerpiece of my pursuits. Happily, it’s a company formed by smart young people with frugal & somewhat experimental entrepreneurial sensibilities, and their low-fuss way of doing business gives me some room to develop a fit with them on individual terms and keep other relationships in the picture at the same time. That means, for instance, that I can continue to be involved with a city not-for-profit I’ve been doing some limited work with since early summer. (The latter group still lacks a web site. It’s one of the things I’ve been working with them on.)

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