More thoughts on H.B.

I added a few squiggles to the little H.B. head from the other day.

The 3-D quality of the mouth is something nearer what it ought to be, now, say. And let’s observe that you can’t go light on the mutton chops and stay close to Mignola’s idea of the character. Hellboy’s whiskers are never like the north woods extravagance we used to love on Wolverine, it seems, but it’s safe to say they’ve got to feel pretty substantial or they’re wrong.

A good deal more can be said about what belongs and doesn’t belong to him visually. Maybe I’ll come back to this in future. The tail, for one, you know, begs for some discussion. I’d had it pretty wrong, I saw after a while, in a couple of sketches included in the post of some weeks ago. The tail’s got to have something doglike about it, up-curling, almost friendly, to work. It’s not, then, what you’d call a particularly demonic tail. But I’ll leave it at that for now.

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