Mob action

My friends at Brennan + Company are standing for recognition as keepers of one of Maryland’s Outstanding Blogs — that’s a ‘Mobbie’ from The Baltimore Sun. If you don’t think the whole thing is too damn silly and your conscience doesn’t threaten to bug you because you voted without knowing anything about the rest of the field of candidates and because, heck, you don’t even live in the United States, let alone Maryland, do go vote for them. Take my word for it, the Brennan folks are due acknowledgement; they’re talented and hardworking and friendly. And you can walk in the door from Main St. in Catonsville six days a week and find that out for yourself.

Yes, the name of the Sun award is confusing. This isn’t about blogs around Maryland, surely, it’s about blogs around Baltimore. Baltimore is a place in Maryland, many Marylanders not from Baltimore would gladly have you know. It isn’t Maryland, much of which even today is farmland and forest (and ever more of which is historyless, name-defying sprawl where farmland and forest used to be), whose history earns it that association with the ‘mob’. It’s Baltimore. And Baltimore’s namesake mob, by the way, isn’t The Mob of New York and Chicago in the 1930s and following, it’s the unruly crowd in the city’s streets in the 1830s and following. The curious can get a little taste of our distinctive hometown heritage here.

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