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  1. Interesting, I agree. Wish I could give a little more time to it. My own feeling is that Kelly & Griffith are more different than alike, coming at things aesthetically from two different sides of a pretty stark generational line, even if their social/political points of view are similar. But it would be fun to explore further. A long, long time since I’ve read any Pogo, I’m sorry to say.

    Have to admit that Griffith’s recent Dingburg strips & vaguely autobiographical matter are less appealing for me than stuff he was going strong with five years ago or so. I love the painstaking evocation of specific (though rarely named) places & things and the alien monologue/dialogue twisted around them — which are less prominent in the recent stuff.

    I’m afraid I have no interest in this Zippy musical Griffith’s been promoting in the last few months. He was interviewed on Dan Rodricks’ radio show here a couple of weeks ago, but I haven’t gotten around to listening.

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