It bears noticing, here, that since Aug. 8, Richard Thompson has been blogging daily. Every day, now, he does some thoughtful little bit of commentary on the day’s edition of his newspaper strip Cul de Sac, telling readers something about technique, about the way he’s imagining this or that character at the moment, about where the story might possibly go from here, about memories of childhood he’s drawing upon, &c., &c. Every day. It’s wonderful, and I’m not sure what to say about it. Can a cartoonist carry on so without eventually paying a price?

(It bears noticing too that Thompson is coming up here from his home in the D.C. suburbs to appear at upcoming spectacle the Baltimore Comicon, and I can’t go. I don’t love conventions, though, so I’m not crying much.)

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  1. That’s a funny panel, Darron. I’ll have to check out Richard’s blog. “Spectacle” is an appropriate descriptor for a comic convention, I suspect. : )

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