Infinite form

23. Comics can tell any kind of story. They’re infinitely flexible. Comics will never disappear. New media do not replace old media. ‘New’ forms free up existing forms, allowing them to do more interesting, less commercially-driven things.

Aphoristic, optimistic, a little media theory found mid-way down a list of tips & thought-prods from immortal west-coast cartoonist Bill Griffith. Via link, last week, on the blog of immortal east-coast cartoonist Richard Thompson.

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  1. Well — me neither, really. I like Griffith for this confidence of his, though. Pretty bluntly expressed here, but it’s throughout his work it seems to me, sly & infectious.

    There’ve been periods in my life when what’s marginal for you there, all the technical & stylistic advice for cartoonists (or illustrators, &c.), has been the material of my avid interest. It’s fun to see it from Griffith. Can’t say there’s anything there I wouldn’t expect him to say, as a reader of his daily strip. But yes, this ‘philosophical’ nugget makes the whole list seem still more vital — & entertaining, to tell the truth.

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