I’ve officially taken a seat on the New Green Economy bus. Ended several years as a self-employed carpenter/remodeler about a month ago, and I’ve gone to work for a company in the energy-efficient-building trade. The first step in this direction for me was late last year, with a bit of state-sponsored training that certified me as a ‘building analyst professional’ with the Building Performance Institute, a New York-based organization that has had the U.S. lead in this field for a few years. Now I’m crawling around in people’s attics & crawlspaces every day, examining HVAC & related equipment as if I knew all about it (a lot to learn in this dept.), informing folks that here, here, & here — surprise! — their houses are blowing a lot of the heating & cooling dollars they spend into the outdoors, and developing a new intimacy with expanding foam sealants.

So far, enjoying it all thoroughly. Blogging, though — with reading & what creative exercise there was, generally — has suffered more than I’d like. Hoping to recover something here before long.

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  1. Thanks, Jeremy. There are aspects of self-employment I wish I could hold on to, but it is nice to be part of a company for a change. I’m grateful for it.

  2. I’m thinking about moving in the opposite direction – at least in the future. I’ve decided to take a few more classes and sit for the CPA. Doesn’t necessarily mean I’ll work for myself but it’s a possibility I’m considering.

  3. P.B., B.A.P. — kinda has a nice ring to it! Congrats, and well done. I’m sure you’re discovering on a daily basis just how desperately your services and growing expertise are needed.

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