[I]t appears we have stopped celebrating, or even acknowledging, the very thing that defines our entire race — our humanity. We are offering it up, as though sacrificially, to the machines we create and worship.
   Because of this almost inevitable crisis of self, we find it important again, maybe now more than ever in the history of art making, to cling to our most basic possession — the human form. Call it a quiet revolution — the lone artist embracing the representation of man again . . . .

What a piece of work is a manifesto sometimes. Haha. Okay.

But the show should speak for itself, if Kent Williams’ own painting to be included in it is any indication. (Do, do click to enlarge!) For this even I would take off to southern California, if I could.

2 Replies to “Figural”

  1. Artists and their manifestos, eh? I have a couple of artist friends and they love that stuff. They make something that is aesthetically balanced, yet mischievous, and I figure that should be enough for the common viewer. But, no: no-one gets the soup without the sermon.

  2. Has something to do with my inability to find footing on an artistic path years ago, maybe — that I never could (& still can’t) get my sermonizing function straightened out.

    On the other hand, maybe it’s realizing one’s talents that comes first.

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