Election weirdness

I’m pretty sure McCain can’t hope to generate any expression of support quite as warm & communal as this, no matter what he does. Who knows, though? National politics brings out all sorts of weird in people.

(Via Endlessly Rocking, via Boar’s Head Tavern.)

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  1. Well the man qualifies as a leftist, undoubtedly, but he’s a capitalist American leftist in an era of sweeping global capitalism, right? (For maintenance of which even China would wish to ensure our system stays propped up well into the future, these days.) At any rate, I’m not worried about the old political extremes — not from Obama or anyone else with any footing in the U.S. political scene at the presidential level. I wouldn’t vote for any major Democrat I know of today, but it’s not because the utopias that make them smile in their sleep scare me any more than any upper-tier Republican’s.

    For the record, I’m not expecting large changes from an Obama presidency. Overwhelming cultural confusion is the contradictory, consistently semi-productive status quo, and neither his star power nor anybody else’s is big enough to alter that any time soon, barring some cataclysmic deus ex machina he wouldn’t wish for any more than any other executive would. He might be quite a good president, in fact, as far as that most impossible of jobs allows.

    We ought to be praying for that. More, we ought to be praying the Church’s voice on the things it continues to have uniquely to speak about now, countering twisted anti-human ‘rights’ schemes that a leftist/progressive (Democrat or Republican) will always unfortunately be inclined to countenance, might amount to something clear & bold enough to be heard by even an Obama, no matter how capable &/or celebrated a figure.

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