Yesterday, the 24th, marked a year’s existence for the internet home of Mr R Thompson’s Richard’s Poor Almanac and Cul de Sac — now pretty much my favorite spot in the whole world wide web. Thompson is one of the first artists I turn to to recall why drawing & the love of it is a gift to be taken with gratitude. And when doubts assail, it’s Richard Thompson & his fine humor that can keep me feeling that Washington, D.C. & suburbs must, after all, have some meaning & a place in history. I thank heaven for the web and for Thompson’s evident pleasure in a steady online readership. To Mr Thompson, then, congratulations upon a year’s service at making the net a happier place; and to you, dear reader, every fitting exhortation that you make his blog a regular stop in your online reading rounds.

2 Replies to “Congrats”

  1. Paul, thank you, that’s about the kindest thing you could’ve said. Those artists & cartoonists I admire the most and gravitate to most often are the ones that make me want to draw, and I’m delighted that I might have the same effect on somebody who can draw. I’d say aw shucks but it’d sound hokey, so I’ll say thanks again instead. Now go draw something.

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