Change is good

I’ve been feeling the limits of my ability to make good use of Facebook lately, the last year or so. I use it daily — as listening post, as vehicle for conversation, as opportunity to keep up with people I otherwise wouldn’t very well, as opportunity to get to know people I otherwise might not. It’s good for all those things, exceptionally good in some ways, and I mean to go on using it as long as it serves. No real quarrels with Facebook. But its generalness is a problem sometimes — perhaps especially for a natural generalist (and generalizer) like me.

I’ve recognized for a good while, too, that this site — which I’ve always been reluctant to call a blog, since I’m no diarist or habitual writer — hasn’t been much suited to the life I actually lead. That’s owed partly to the way I set it up in the first place. I’d deliberately made it inflexible, thinking the confines would encourage me in certain hard-to-define creative paths. It wasn’t altogether a bad idea, where I saw myself several years ago. Life has moved on, though, and the site must adjust. Or why keep it?

I keep it because I keep thinking it has its uses. One of the things I need here is a tool for turning the fruit of the media listening I manage to do, ‘social’ or other, to productive ends. Or a tool different from Gmail and Evernote, let’s say. Something in between these primarily private info-management resources and the public space of social media — bounded, but at the same time outward & communicative.

So I’ve given up the old look (mostly) and abandoned Textpattern (which I liked and learned a good deal from) for the greater convenience & connectivity of WordPress. And the look may yet change abruptly again; that’s part of the point of WordPress convenience. How I’ll get to the adding and dividing of life & work ‘content’ in the near-term, I’m not certain yet. It may continue to seem kind of haphazard around here. I mean, not everything has to change.

4 Replies to “Change is good”

  1. Consider it your Wittenberg Door — always there for a posting, when necessary.

    I’m not crazy about WordPress, though. Can’t believe how they load on one bundle after the next. You keep it simpler than most, though, so it shouldn’t be a problem.

  2. I’m really just a simple fellow!

    That’s baloney, but I do clearly favor the simple look. Compensating, maybe. I was a while picking through templates for something clean but not too statement-minimalist, and more time than I’d like to admit with CSS tweaks after that.

    As to necessary: my head is full of stuff that needs a web site. I think I need also, still, to convince myself that posting (in my case) needn’t be the same as writing.

  3. I’ve heard it’s as good as a rest.

    I’m liking the new look anyway. I’ve only ever been an erratic blogger myself and just see it as a notebook that I can’t lose!

  4. Yes, a notebook — but open, as open as you want to make it, which is both opportunity and obstacle for some of us. I think you see that.

    Thank you for looking in, Chris!

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