Change is bad

Alright, not bad. Somewhat predictably fraught with annoyance, let’s say. WordPress threw me for a bit of a loop with a version step-up — version 3.9, evidently a big one. After install, it looked like I’d lost the slew of little typographical and other tweaks to the layout I was using until yesterday — all the tweaks that made it feel okay, or like mine anyway. As it turns out, I was wrong; the tweaks weren’t lost. But I didn’t figure that out until I’d gone to some trouble for a new simple starting-point layout. Hence the alterated look here. I’m going to work with it.

— update —
Changed my mind, went back to what I started with. I like it. See comments.

5 Replies to “Change is bad”

  1. Sounds akin to my stretch with Linux OS, especially Ubuntu. Every upgrade was an enormous PITA, to the point where I was never sure any improvement had in fact taken place.

  2. I’m thinking the pain of the process you underwent there makes the pain of this look like pleasure by comparison. I like the idea of abandoning Mac & Win, but not sure I have that kind of fortitude.

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