Business communications

Wells Fargo:

Please cancel my credit card account, Visa # ****, immediately.

I can hardly believe your company billed me for not using this account. I’ve been penalized for paying off one of my credit cards and not closing the account before I had reason to use it again. Brilliant.

I have no doubt that the inactivity fee is listed in a schedule of fees that I have read at some time. I accept responsibility, and I’ve paid the bill. You have my money and you have your fine print. What you won’t have from now on is this customer.


Paul Bowman

2 Replies to “Business communications”

  1. Wow, is that real? Those BT people should be getting hazard pay.

    In this little letter I did have to resist applying some colorful vulgarities in whose usage one is trained, of course, when one enters construction work. But if you had that guy’s pure talent for it, resisting the urge could really be kind of pointless.

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