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  1. The democratic exercise, when cyclically massaged by the United States, causes me considerable apprehension every single time — in no small part because, as your current president reminded the rest of the world within his first trimester in office, “We’ve got nukes.”

    I’m not a fan of the way democracy is massaged in Canada, either (as you know) but the supposed “clarity” with which American presidential candidates speak on just about any issue handed to them is cause for special consternation. It requires the wisdom of Solomon (and dare I say an appropriately sharp and hefty sword?) to address any of the controversies inherent to American democracy, of which abortion is only one.

    All of which is to say: I’m grateful I get to vote for who I get to vote for. And God be with you.

    Some scraps for your mental compost-heap: my blog-buddy Jon Trott is a guy among a group of people (JPUSA) who consistently put their money — and lives — where their mouth is, when it comes to abortion. He parses his voting choice (Mr. Obama) here and here.

    He has pro-life thoughts peppered throughout his blog, actually.

  2. Hey Darrell, many thanks — I was hoping I might hear from you here. Want to agree, broadly, that these are complex matters, the ramifications manifold, voting far from a tidy push-button form of ethics. I hate to find myself in the justly maligned class of single-issue-voters; I’ve long avoided association with ‘religious right’ politics, evangelical & other. I’m not, as I think you know, a Republican — not a political partisan of any stripe. I respect a variety of opinions among people who’ve approached this political season — and voted — differently than I.

    I’ve looked at the Trott articles briefly. Will email you, I think, with some thoughts, when I’ve had a chance to consider a little further.

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