Dear visitor, if you take the trouble to read : I apologize for all the bad, syrup-thick blog prose here. Man is it bad, so much of it. I wish hereby to take responsibility and express regret for many wrongs committed by keyboard.  — pdb

H ere is a nice little Latin phrase, and rare too, (one can’t be too recherché or brief in one’s Latin, it’s getting so common) …

That’s Poe in full smirk, ‘How to Write a Blackwood Article’ — parody it might have done me good to come across sooner than I did, some years back now.

Quare id faciam I pulled from one of Catullus’ better-known little verses, encountered in low-level Latin courses in college. Embarrassing, yes, that I borrowed it in the first place (albeit without much pretension; just liked the excised snippet for itself) twenty-odd years ago. More embarrassing that I’m kind of using it as a handle still !

Well, I’m kind of attached to it still — what can I say? Not every dumb thing you do when young has to be repudiated utterly.

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Jun 18, 2012

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This beast, the power opposed to God, has no name, but a number. The seer tells us: “Its number is six hundred and sixty-six”. It is a number, and it makes men numbers. We who lived through the world of the concentration camps know what that means. The terror of  …


Jan 18, 2012

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By the very cogent anthropology of Judeo-Christianity, whether or not one agreed with it, human existence was by no means to be understood as the transaction of a higher organism satisfying this or that need from its environment, by being “creative” or enjoying “meaningful relationships,” but as the journey of  …


Dec 29, 2011


Stewardship of words is a high calling, though not one that can be relegated to professionals. We are all called to be responsible hearers, speakers, and doers of the word. Still, telling the truth is something like an extreme sport for the very committed. . . . We learn, gradually, from those who  …


Mar 20, 2011

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Either people who manage to unplug, focus, and fully direct their attention will have an advantage over those constantly checking Facebook and their smart phone, in which case they’ll earn more money, get into better colleges, start more successful companies, and win more Nobel Prizes. Or they won’t, in which  …


Oct 22, 2010

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“Don’t you want to preserve old things?”     “But you can’t, Anthony. Beautiful things grow to a certain height and then they fail and fade off, breathing out memories as they decay. And just as any period decays in our minds, the things of that period should decay too, and in  …

Coming about

Sep 28, 2010

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EPA officials played down the prospects of conflict, saying they’re committed to helping the states develop stronger pollution-reduction measures.     “Everybody . . . is sensitive to the economic times, and the fact this is not going to be easy, cheap or quick,” said Shawn Garvin, the EPA’s Mid-Atlantic regional administrator. “But that should not  …


Aug 23, 2010


Richard Thompson has been blogging daily.

Square zero

Jul 31, 2010

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‘I was asking a banker the other day if and when building resumes, will banks be loaning money for complex projects, like mixed-use transit oriented development, or will they go with the same old auto-oriented projects on the edge of town, which tend to be a lot easier. He said  …

Independence. interdependence. & repeat.

Jul 3, 2010

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Any place that tries to internally re-create the experience of the street, to substitute an inside for an outside, will fail because it is exactly th[e] between-ness of the street that makes it necessary.


Jun 18, 2010

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The Church has been horrifyingly corrupt in previous eras and still survived. It’s been led by ecclesiastics who make Bernard Law’s hands look clean, and still survived. It’s faced fiercer enemies than Richard Dawkins and still survived. Time after time, Chesterton wrote, ‘the Faith has to all appearance gone to  …

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