I’ve been reading Grant Morrison’s gushy-trippy memoirish, Supergods, lately — since about a week after learning of it by way of this post in Darrell’s series meandering among the pagans, currently in progress. (Go take a look.) I mention in a comment there that I hadn’t heard of the book. Actually, I had no idea who Morrison was before reading that post. That tells you something about extent of my appreciation of comic book culture.

I’ll have one or two comments to make about the book before long, I expect. Here, I’m just offering a phone snapshot of half a page of comic-booky doodles (on my screen, about actual size) from last few days, from the little sketchbook that much more often than not sits ignored on my desk. H.B. continues to be a charge to my visual imagination — just fun to draw, always. Probably more to say about that before long as well.

I’ve got to say that it feels really good, healthy, to be energized to this light matter right now.


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