12″ Savior

Now, some may argue that Barbie has nicer clothes. Barbie has nicer hair. Barbie is hot. Barbie has action figure friends.
   But Jesus could have nicer clothes if designers would give the Nazarene a whole new wardrobe! Plastic Jesus cannot seriously take on Barbie wearing that old bathrobe that He usually goes out in. No way. I expect we will soon see “Project Runway” meets “The 700 Club.”
   As for hair, Jesus has always had great hair — even atheists recognize that.

Only a year or so behind the rest of the country, I discover — flipping through the Dec. ’08 Baltimore Style — the recent toy-season sales phenomenon of talking action-figure Jesus. I can’t find it in me to complain too much about parents wanting to co-opt toy lust in their children as a vehicle for the Christian imprint they (perhaps confusedly) hope to leave. I can understand that impulse. But Jesus stuffed in the closet with the Jedi warriors & G.I. Joes, the Barbies & Hannah Montanas? I wonder what the message is, in the end.

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  1. Nice. Exactly. Some good lines in that.

    I’ve never watched King of the Hill much. (Or any animated prime time, really — even the Simpsons.) Used to have an apartment mate from Dallas who wouldn’t miss it, though. I can picture him on the couch now, laughing to himself. And the voice parts — Hank & Bobby — are perfectly distinct in my mind’s ear, reading Challies’ excerpts there.

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