I provide a mix of services — digital- and print-media design and production, information and content management, writing and editing — generally adapted to the needs of organizations of modest size.

My current approach to internet-based tools and strategy entails some emphasis on WordPress and Google media platforms. This reflects their importance in the respective spheres they’ve helped shape rather than any permanent commitment of mine to either company’s products or system.

I maintain membership in the American Copy Editors Society, from whom I have a couple of general certifications through their partnership with the Poynter Institute, and have joined the Radical Communicators Network.

As a believer in the basic importance of worker solidarity to a civilized modern society, I’m a dues-paying member of the National Writers Union by way of its Freelance Solidarity Project.

A Little Background

I have a BA in English — though more of my excess of years as an undergraduate went to art and design pursuits than to the program that rounded off the degree. Visual and verbal thinking and method have always hung together for me.

The considerable worth of that school effort notwithstanding, much of my working life has been in residential construction and home improvement, the better part of it on job sites with my tools, beginning with a period of several years between high school and college. A consequence is that the business environment I know best is that of small enterprise and sole proprietorship.

The business environment where I’ve begun to engage in recent years, partly on the basis of this background, is the intersection of small- and mid-size enterprise and the widely emerging cooperative- and solidarity-economy revival. It’s on those lines that I expect this part of the site to take shape.

last updated / altered : May 13 2021